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The fire accelerant for your business.

The Firestarters match the innovative strength of international startups with the experience and market knowledge of corporates in multiple industries.

We organize spark and pitch sessions, hackathons and accelerator programs. What makes us unique is our entrepreneurial spirit. We give you access to leading cybersecurity, blockchain and 5G knowledge and services.
  • Stef van der Ziel

    Stef van der Ziel

  • Marco de Jong

    Marco de Jong

  • Sieger Dijkstra

    Sieger Dijkstra

Warning! Our highly flammable services

  • Spark Session

    An intense executive board session in which we’ll take your company through the risks and opportunities of hot topics like 5G, cybersecurity and blockchain. We discuss your strategic innovation agenda, identify the sparks that need attention. Together we create plans for the future and help you take the first step, today.

  • Fire Pitch

    There are opportunities in every organization. Sometimes hidden in people's minds, sometimes out in the open. The Firestarters help you identify these opportunities and present them during a blazing pitch event. Ideas that are worth exploring will be selected and will be given the right accelerant during our corporate accelerator program.

  • Hackathons

    We organize hackathons where we match industries with the world’s most promising startups and innovations on 5G, cybersafety and blockchain. It’s where potential customers, investors and investment opportunities come together.

  • Startup Accelerator Program

    The winners of our hackathons enroll in our business and market driven accelerator program. In this pressure cooker, we help you go from prototype to market ready products and services, ready to fire up old ecosystems!

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Europese UnieSNN

The Firestarters want to focus on solutions for the necessary digital transition of corporates. By connecting their digital innovation challenges with (international) techstarters, we want to support existing companies and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship.